Answers to Safe Water Questions:  
  1. How does SteriPure produce pure natural water?
       SteriPure™ uses several steps to purify water. The cartridge filter reduces heavy metals, chlorine, sediments and reduces the hardness of the water. An advanced UV (ultraviolet light) system completely inactivates bacteria and viruses and prevents re-growth, similar to nature’s method of cleansing. Every day ultraviolet light from the Sun bathes the Earth in UV rays that kill bacteria and help balance minerals in lakes, ponds, and streams. The same principle is utilized by your SteriPure™ Water Purification System.


  1. How effective is it for removing impurities from water?
       The SteriPure™ filter utilizes three stages of micro filters within the cartridge. The cartridge is extremely effective in eliminating or reducing sand, soil, dirt and other sediments as well as heavy metals. At the same time, the filter does not reduce essential minerals that are beneficial to our bodies and adds taste to the water.


  1. Does the filter contain chemicals? 
       No chemicals such as Chlorine, Iodine, etc. are present in the cartridge. The SteriPure™ system is based on non-leaching adsorption principles and germicidal UV irradiation. The adsorbent within the filter is designed to remove heavy metals such as As, Pb, Cr, and F*.


  1. How long does the filter last?
       The filter will be effective for approximately 40 gallons (150 liters) of normal tap water before requiring replacement.  Use of the filter for other waters such as well or pond may require more frequent changes of the filter.


  1. How long will the battery stay charged?
       The battery will stay charged approximately two days with normal usage. The handy LED will provide real-time indication when the battery needs recharging.