Sunday, Apr 06, 2008: Local inventor's effort shows marketing can be harder than creating

After investing five years and $2 million, Gangadhar Bathula is hoping the world is ready for cleaner, better-tasting water.

"It's a hot time with the anti-bottled-water sentiments," Bathula said, referring to the environmental movement that encourages consumers to stop importing bottled water from exotic destinations. And people are paying a ton for the bottles, he added.

Water from the tap is much less expensive, after all.

But it may not as safe is it could be, the Glen Allen resident said. Pipes are aging throughout the country, which can lead to harmful contaminants in tap water, such as lead.

Bathula, a chemical engineer, has developed SteriPure, a filtered-water pitcher with an ultraviolet light that kills microbes. He recently received certifications to sell the product in the U.S. SteriPure sells on his Web site,, for about $100.

Creating the invention may have been the easiest step in the entrepreneurial process. Bathula is struggling to overcome unexpected challenges.

SteriPure is already on sale in India, where it's manufactured. Bathula, who was born and educated in that country, said he's selling 100 to 200 units a month there. But Indian consumers want something cheaper and a container that can hold more water.

The American market, on the other hand, is thirsty for a more advanced, table-top filter/pitcher, he believes. But after years of fine-tuning the product and marketing materials, Bathula is still trying to find a way to get the product into U.S. stores.

Adam Marquardt, a professor of business and entrepreneurship at the University of Richmond's Robins School of Business, said most new products fail for two reasons: the product isn't different enough from existing ones or too few consumers know about the product.

Bathula said the SteriPure is definitely different, in part because a UV lamp zaps microbes and a "smart system" alerts the user when the water is safe to drink by illuminating an indicator light. Accessories such as solar panels make it portable.


Hyderabad, May 22, 2005: Ganga Enviro Systems Pvt. Ltd. (GES) is pleased to announce the launch of “SteriPure”.

It is an acknowledged fact that drinking water, supplied from municipal and community systems is of inadequate quality. The demand for better water is evidenced by the strong sales of bottled water, and the growing demand for domestic water purification systems and water filters.

Industrial, sewage, herbicide, and pesticide contaminant in drinking water is a problem in many parts of India. In municipal water treatment plants; water is routinely disinfected with chlorine, treated with aluminum sulfate, and then filtered through sand and gravel filtration. This does not however, eliminate organic chlorine compounds and pesticide contaminant. Many municipal treatment plants are also fighting corrosion and a leaky distribution system. The results are leaching of contaminant into the distribution systems en-route to consumers. The awareness of the problem is evidenced by the strong sales of purified bottled water, and the demand for domestic water purification systems and water filters.

The Ganga Enviro System is producing one of the unique and advanced residential water purification system for Indian market. The product is first of its kind in the world for residential water purification. The water filter removes harmful impurities and destroys bacteria while improving taste and water quality. The system is compact and portable while inheriting natural purification principles. Salient features of the products.

o Advanced water purifier with microprocessor and UV technolog.

o Destroys complete microbes and purifies the water at molecular level.

o Water quality is measured by sensor and controlled by microprocessor.

o User friendly system with visible water quality indication.

o Water purifier is compact, sleek, handy and portable.

o Designed to meet international water quality standards.

About the company

Ganga Enviro Systems is an emerging multinational company having operations in USA and India. Our company is proud to be leading global developer, manufacturer and marketer of premier residential water purification systems with advanced technology. The company is directed by professional people with multinational experience and exposure. The company is proud to be a solution provider for some of the basic problems in water purification. The company exists with objectives of

o Customer oriented company with an objective of providing healthier and tastier water by cost effective water purification system.

o Provide environmental friendly products and services for improved and preventive health of life.

o Dependable and socially responsible Research and development based on quality standards.

o Maintain and work continuously for best possible relationship with Customers, Employees, shareholders, employees and vendors.

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